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Impressive Time Delay You’ve Got There

Over a year since I’ve last posted. That’s one hell of a lag. o_o

Not much new. I’ve a 360, a new computer, aged a year, opened my eyes to a whole bunch of games out there, written a number of fan fictions, some of which you may find at http://www.starcraft.org (search for RyeMcCrory!) and some of which you may find in the Fan Fiction section at http://www.sc2armory.com. No, I’m not Korean. I am a rabid StarCraft fan, though. I’m shocked that many SC players out there lose interest in one of the greatest games of all time, simply because they’ve been confined to UMS (use map settings, a game type where anything can happen, quite literally) and Blizzard maps!

http://www.broodwarmaps.net Go there. Now. The mappers over there are highly skilled and good people, albeit from Europe. 😛

I’ll be updating this blog, hopefully, from time to time as I have more to say.


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Entry 0017

Quite a bit of writing is done.


 That’s my latest fanfic, but you can check out others by me near the lower right corner just after the last line of the story. I have maybe 4-5 other fanfics completed.

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Entry 0009

Wrote up some HTML, both for my site, and for Abuse.Plasmafire.Org. You won’t see the code up on APO, but it’s up on BB. PlasmaFire is still checking the code out, to try to make sense of it. He liked it a lot, but it was… messy, shall we say. I also unpacked Dreamweaver MX, but I prefer to manually code stuff. More challenging. PF provided me the link to a hex code generator, which is pretty cool, but sometimes doesn’t come out with the colour you created. It’s still a nifty web-tool.

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Entry 0006

Another StarCraft match! We played a custom map made by Brendan. It didn’t turn out well. He put too much room and too many resources, and the computer nearly owned us. The game lasted more than an hour, so a play-by-play will take forever. By the end, I racked up 365 kills, 71 troops lost, and the computer had lost 493 troops, while killing 117. Brendan killed 72 enemy troopers, and lost 41. Most of the fighting took place in my base.

By the end (for me) the computer had two small outposts remaining, and a section of land was completely covered in blood and debris. We could’ve taken him, if we had more time.

We also found out why SW: GB won’t connect the two of us. Not enough people played it, and the server became disaffected. They shut it down. So, I’m off, I’m joining some Brothers on a Habbo Raid.

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