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Entry 0014

Stuff happened. And I haven’t told you all about it. 😦

This is third week I’ve been spending me lunches at the weight room, pumping some serious iron. *flexes* Between whooping at www.StarEdit.net being back up, and playing SC, there hasn’t been much going on. I did write a short SC ficcy, which you can find on my DA account, www.deviantrye.deviantart.com, under the title “Sharpshooter”. It’s also on StarCraft.org, if you care to take the time to search for it.

My buddy PF3K’s site is getting revamped. New CMS, Xaraya, is replacing Mambo. I’ve been reading the instruction manual in preparation for my new position as [TOP SECRET], and man… that manual’s HUGE. 160 pages, 20+ of ’em dedicated to pronounciation of the damn name, and “special thanks”. Fascinating read.

The old site is here: www.oldsite.plasmafire.org
Main site (under construction): www.plasmafire.org
And the forums: www.comm.plasmafire.org


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Entry 0013

*sigh* It’s late, and I’m bushed. Homework has relentlessy knocked the stuffing out of me, and weight-lifting hasn’t helped. I have time to eat, shower, and MAYBE do some pushups before I doze off. But of course, I must tell you about my day. Well, I discussed the future of a friend’s website, helped another friend create an IRC channel (#imperialists, on irc.bungie.org), got angry at some brat who picks on my little brother, and surfed the endless void we call the Web.

Not really interesting, I know. So sue me. Oh wait, YOU CAN’T. THERE’S NO LIDIGATION LAW IN CANADA. HA.

On a more serious note, my literary inspiration strikes again, and I’m caught between either writing an SC fic, or figuring out how a weapon in SC works.

Meh, I’ll work it out… tomorrow…

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