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Impressive Time Delay You’ve Got There

Over a year since I’ve last posted. That’s one hell of a lag. o_o

Not much new. I’ve a 360, a new computer, aged a year, opened my eyes to a whole bunch of games out there, written a number of fan fictions, some of which you may find at http://www.starcraft.org (search for RyeMcCrory!) and some of which you may find in the Fan Fiction section at http://www.sc2armory.com. No, I’m not Korean. I am a rabid StarCraft fan, though. I’m shocked that many SC players out there lose interest in one of the greatest games of all time, simply because they’ve been confined to UMS (use map settings, a game type where anything can happen, quite literally) and Blizzard maps!

http://www.broodwarmaps.net Go there. Now. The mappers over there are highly skilled and good people, albeit from Europe. 😛

I’ll be updating this blog, hopefully, from time to time as I have more to say.


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