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A One Day Summer Vacation

Hawksbury is a city maybe two or three hours west of Montreal. It’s in Ontario. Where I went, we had no running water or electricity, so the land was basically a campsite owned by my uncle. It was still a lot of fun. I spent the entire day down on the shore, fishing with my brother. I’m glad someone finally introduced me into the ‘laziest sport on Earth’, because it’s a lot of fun. I caught eight fish, all Perch except one Sunfish, and my brother caught a nice Bass and a Perch. We let them all go after we caught them, as they were all too small to eat. The Bass my uncle caught was at least a foot long, though, but as we couldn’t catch any more, we released it too.

The normally beautiful countryside is even more so at night. Standing on one of the rolling hills of Hawksbury, staring up at the stars and the far off lights of a city, is absolutely breathtaking. I truly did enjoy myself, and got to wish my uncle a happy 65th birthday, too. I have some pictures, but they’re all on my father’s camera, so I’ll have to wait for them to be given to me before I stick them here.

There ya go, Kevin, I finally updated.


August 20, 2007 - Posted by | Life in General


  1. Hahaha…thanks.

    Comment by PlasmaFire3000 | September 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hey Ryan…

    Good news or bad news. Take your pick. But here goes:

    PlasmaFire.org is gone. Dead. Deleted. Okay, well, not all of it; the domain name itself (www.plasmafire.org) is still there, and I still have full webhosting from Dreamhost. However, everything that pertained to “Video Game Science HQs” is now gone; that includes the main Drupal-powered front page, COMM.PlasmaFire.org (the forums), oldsite.PlasmaFire.org (the original Mambo-powered site), all users, and all content.

    Abuse.PlasmaFire.org (“Abuse” game fanpage), RELAy.PlasmaFire.org (weblog), GridLine.PlasmaFire.org (my photo/project gallery), and a few other tidbits are still there and untouched. They’ll likely exist for a VERY long time, assuming that I keep paying for the webhosting service–which I’ll also likely do.

    So the big question now is…what am I going to do with THE “PlasmaFire.org”? I’m keeping it. It’s becoming my primary weblog now. “But wait, you still have RELAy.PlasmaFire.org, and that’s your main weblog!” Well, yes, until now. The thing is, having a domain named after your alias and expecting a community to be built around it just doesn’t work sometimes; I realized this in addition to the large gobs of work that college tends to pile up around me. Time is short, so updating a “Video Game Science” site isn’t going to come easily–very obvious, as you know about the tumbleweeds that have rolled several times around the main site before.

    Thus, PlasmaFire.org is becoming my new, and hopefully mostly-permanent place on the Internet; it’s meant for both personal use and a professional display for companies who want a closer look at Kevin, aka “PlasmaFire.” I’ll still write the occasional video game science article if I have time, and blog the usual stuff on engineering, gaming, and anime.

    GridLine.PlasmaFire.org is due for a heavy revamp, as it’s rather disorganized in the current state; I’ve shot a LOT of photos over the previous year, many more times over compared to years past, and they’re all sitting on my hard drive waiting to be used somewhere. Same with some new drawings from a Japanese comic (“manga”) creation group I’m currently working with. RELAy.PlasmaFire.org is becoming an archive for the Tesla Coil Graduation Project as well as the old posts; I may or may not transfer some important stuff from there to the new weblog. Eh, “w/e,” as people would say.

    So, Ryan, if you can, update your links on your sidebar. The new PlasmaFire.org is a weblog now, not a community site. My apologies, as VGS analyzation never took off in light of how much time I have on hand these days.

    But all in all, thanks for being an end-to-end contributor to the premiere site where all we do is scrutinize the workings and use of science in…video games.

    I hear SC2 is getting REALLY hot, by the way. Just like the good old days of Halo popularity. Are you playing Halo 3 at all, anyway? 😀

    Comment by PlasmaFire | October 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. No 360, still waiting for SC2. I’m sorry to hear that, Kevin, but I’ll still drop in everynow and then. Is COMM still up?

    Comment by Ryan McCrory | October 27, 2007 | Reply

  4. Unfortunately, I’ve removed COMm as well. There wasn’t enough activity nor were there enough worthwhile archivable posts to hang onto.

    PlasmaFire.org is just a weblog now, but you’re definitely allowed to drop by anytime and post your ramblings.

    Comment by PlasmaFire | October 30, 2007 | Reply

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