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A One Day Summer Vacation

Hawksbury is a city maybe two or three hours west of Montreal. It’s in Ontario. Where I went, we had no running water or electricity, so the land was basically a campsite owned by my uncle. It was still a lot of fun. I spent the entire day down on the shore, fishing with my brother. I’m glad someone finally introduced me into the ‘laziest sport on Earth’, because it’s a lot of fun. I caught eight fish, all Perch except one Sunfish, and my brother caught a nice Bass and a Perch. We let them all go after we caught them, as they were all too small to eat. The Bass my uncle caught was at least a foot long, though, but as we couldn’t catch any more, we released it too.

The normally beautiful countryside is even more so at night. Standing on one of the rolling hills of Hawksbury, staring up at the stars and the far off lights of a city, is absolutely breathtaking. I truly did enjoy myself, and got to wish my uncle a happy 65th birthday, too. I have some pictures, but they’re all on my father’s camera, so I’ll have to wait for them to be given to me before I stick them here.

There ya go, Kevin, I finally updated.


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