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Entry… ah the hell with it.

Well, I officially passed Sec III. That’s Grade 9 to all you non-Québecers out there. Got a 92% on the final French exam, and a 75% on the English one. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

Started playing Clone Campaigns again, and a friend of mine got me into Dawn of War. Space Marines <3.

It’s now the third week of summer holiday for me, and I’ve been looking for a job, but so far, no luck. People ’round where I live are reluctant to hire a 15-year-old, and the lawn mowing buisiness isn’t going so well. I also refuse to mow the lawns of seperatists, of which there are a lot out here.

StarCraft 2 was announced, and that brought a lot of joy to my house. I wrote an article at http://www.plasmafire.org about it. Speaking of PFO, Mr Lin hasn’t been on much. I find that odd since it’s summer.

Relax, PF.


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