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Entry 0016

Wow. It has been a while since I last posted anything. Things are summed up with me not being grounded anymore since I got my report card, my SC skills improving slightly, and I’ve been reading a lot lately.

 Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide and WWZ, and a few books by Tom Clancy. Politika and the Sum of all Fears. Rambo III, too, though it made a better movie. 😛

 Epic movie came out a few days ago, and I’m itching to go see it. I have as much chance of seeing it as dung has of taking over the world, though, since the parents are against it. Still, you never know when it’ll come out on DVD, and a friend of mine will have it.

 In short, life is good, school is mediocre as usual, and I’m in the middle of a four day weekend. (Huzzah for pedagogical days!) I’m having a mate over tomorrow, we’re gonna go over a tiny bit of schoolwork, (:P) and he’s going to show me BF2142, which he bought yesterday.

 It’s time to sign off, my dog wants me to take him out to play with him. Cheers!


February 11, 2007 - Posted by | Life in General

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