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Entry 0015

Man, did I ever come out of a warzone…

4 hours of pure SC carnage. Most of it has been saved as replays. Played with The_Eliminator from HBN, and a few of my friends.

First game: Rye (Terran) + Mj_is_ugly (Zerg) VS Computer (Zerg).
Map: Trench Wars

After about twenty minutes of resource gathering, we were all set up. I had two bunkers filled with firebats and marines guarding the entrance to my base, backed up with a pair of siege tanks. I threw in a missile turret to warn me of enemy lurkers. Tricky bastards, those lurkers. Anyway, just as my first infantry upgrade was completed, the comp launched a huge attack. I counted 19 hydralisks, 3 lurkers, and 12 zerglings. The zerrglings were quickly shelled into the ground by my tanks. Any of them left were incinerated by the firebats. Next came the hydras, quickly followed by the lurkers. The tanks killed two lurkers before they even got in range. The hydras suffered heavy losses, then blew up one of my bunkers. The last lurker easily finished off the marines and firebats inside. I sent in an extra group of 12 troopers, and a pair of medics to patch up anyone left alive. They next few seconds were a bloodbath. Hydras were shot up and incinerated, and marines and firebats alike were impaled by volleys of needle spines. After that first skirmish, I had lost two tanks, two bunkers, nine marines, and three firebats. I quickly rebuilt.

Next, came the final offensive. After rebuilding my defenses, I created an additional 6 marines, 4 firebats, and two medics. Another pair of tanks met up with them. MJIU’s army shortly arrived to help. 24 hydralisks, 12 mutalisks, and a pair of overlords to spot lurkers. I have another group of 12 on their way by this time. Brendan led the way, and we quickly slaughtered the small group of zerglings left to warn the computer of our advance. They clammed up, pulling overlords and assorted troops back into the confines of their base.

Brendan sent in a group of 12 mutalisks to occupy the main force. They tore up drones, shredded defenseless zerglings, and slaughtered hyras. After the 12 mutas got killed by spore colonies and a large group of hydralisks, we moved in. Wiping out one sunken colony drew the comp’s entire army upon us. My groupr of twelve was quickly reduced to 1 medic, and a huge swarm of zerglings and hydralisks dove into us. Brendan must’ve lost a hell of a lot of hydras. Next, my tanks went into action. They shelled the comp’s base, and the remaining hydras covered them until reinforcements could arrive. A few half-hearted attempts were made to kill our forces off. They got one tank and two hydras before my reinforcements arrived. THEN we pwned the comp. The base was destroyed, and we won. 🙂

After a few more Use Map Settings games, I logged off and typed this up.

So yeh. There’s my evening. I’m gonna check PFO to see if PF’s changed anything…


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