Rye McCrory

Too much information.

Entry 0013

*sigh* It’s late, and I’m bushed. Homework has relentlessy knocked the stuffing out of me, and weight-lifting hasn’t helped. I have time to eat, shower, and MAYBE do some pushups before I doze off. But of course, I must tell you about my day. Well, I discussed the future of a friend’s website, helped another friend create an IRC channel (#imperialists, on irc.bungie.org), got angry at some brat who picks on my little brother, and surfed the endless void we call the Web.

Not really interesting, I know. So sue me. Oh wait, YOU CAN’T. THERE’S NO LIDIGATION LAW IN CANADA. HA.

On a more serious note, my literary inspiration strikes again, and I’m caught between either writing an SC fic, or figuring out how a weapon in SC works.

Meh, I’ll work it out… tomorrow…


October 5, 2006 - Posted by | Friends' Blogs/Sites, Life in General

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