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Entry 0012


My family went apple-picking yesterday. It was okay, and we ate fresh, juicy apples. Mmm. This one place was popular as hell, had live country music and a buttload of people. Too bad I hate country. They did make fresh, made-before-your-eyes beaver tails. Mouthgasm, they were. For you Americans who’re all “eww, gross, they eat beaver tails”, a beaver tail is a pastry. It’s a oval-shaped flaky bread with apples, maple syrup, icing sugar or cinnamon on it. Delicious.

After browsing endless lists of StarCraft sites, I’ve found an awesome one. www.StarCraft.org piqued my intrest when I noticed it’s fanfic section. The Elite category is impressive indeed. Damn, I guess I ruined that non-SC realted entry. Oh well.

Anyway, I now have some literary inspiration. Expect a fanfic in the next few days. Finishing up a 52meg SC sound effect download, then I’m off to sleep.


October 2, 2006 - Posted by | Gaming, Life in General

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  1. I wish I could sleep right now…there’re three more classes to go on this dreary Monday (even though the sun is shining). Bah.

    Comment by PlasmaFire | October 2, 2006 | Reply

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