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Entry 0011

Awesome. I found a StarCraft channel on IBO.

Man, I must look like a total SC nerd. I should incude more stuff that doesn’t concern SC. Like, my friend and I were just about to leave school on our bikes, and we saw this woman about 20 or so, and she was drop dead gorgeous.  Rawr.

School-oriented, my drama teacher has assigned us all ‘fictional families’. I play a drunken uncle who has custody of four teenagers filled to the brim with bubbling hormones. Yay me. I have a bio project due Friday, so maybe I should haul my ass off IRC and get to work…


I did read this awesome quote on Bash.Org yesterday. No offence to you Americans;

“The American dream is to move to Canada.”


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Entry 0010

I’m going to summarize yet another StarCraft game. I only talk about online games, but still, it’s making up the bulk of the blog, isn’t it? 🙂

I started out as the Protoss, and my brother as Terran. The computer was Terran, as well. The first few minutes were spent gathering resources and building buildings, as always. My brother decided to set up another base too quickly, and in turn had very few marines with which to defend his base. By that time, I had created seven zealots. The computer had sent thirteen marines to destroy my brother’s base. I sent four zealots to aid him. When my troops got there, the enemy had razed two buildings, and killed quite a few units. I quickly slaughtered the enemy marines, painting their blood across the landscape and without losing a single warrior. I left the zealots at my brother’s base and went back to managin my resources. I had just set up a second base, when the computer decided to attack me. I didn’t even have to move any troops, a pair of photon cannons easily dispatched the attackers, an assorted bunch of marines and firebats.

My second base was undefended. I moved another foursome of zealots in, and had my probes construct cannons and pylons. As soon as the last cannon was built, the computer attacked me again. It’s marines and firebats didn’t even have time to get of a shot, they all died. (Fun, lol.) But my moment of happiness soon ended, as a threesome of siege tanks began shelling my cannons. They blew three up, when my brother unesscesarily intervened. His marines destroyed a siege tank and only suffered one casualty. Another four of my zealots shredded the invaders, again, with no losses. (Zealots are incredibly tough. Expensive as hell, but tough.)

That would be the last attack against me. From then on, I went on the offensive, settling bases and protecting my brothers’. After a few minor skirmishes I went after a recently set up outpost. It had one commander center and one missile turret, and was guarded by five marines, two firebats, and one goliath (a mech.) My brother sent in a pair of marines. They killed off the firebats and lured the marines away, right into my large air force. My scouts tore them apart. Next I had an observer come in to reveal any cloaked wraiths that would kill off our forces. Finding none, my brother sent in eight marines, two firebats, and a pair of tanks. They blew up the anti-air turret and blasted the goliath apart. Seeing no need to help, I let my scouts hang back. One the command center was destroyed, my brother brought in some workers and an extra pair of tanks to reinforce the position. We didn’t know it at the time, but a larger base was set up not far from our position, and was sending in troops. We realized that cloaked wraiths were about once my brother began losing marines. Two of them were killed before my observer got in range and allowed my scouts to vapourize them. We reinforced our armies,and I brought twelve zealots and twelve dragoons in. We brought our forces in, and after a short battle against the computer’s units, wiped their main base out. We had suffered quite a few deaths, and went back to our respective bases to heal. My brother took too long to set up detector units, so ghosts had an easy time getting into position to drop nukes on him. I took one out entirely by accident, and saved my base from a lot of damage. I set up an observer in front of Piebot’s (my brother’s nick) defenses, so his tanks could nail any approaching ghosts. He had a short momen of panic when a nuke landed and blew up his bunkers and tanks, and he fully expected to have a horde of enemy troopers pour in and destroy his unprotected base. The computer made a dumb move, and didn’t attack, allowing Piebot to repair. We then doubled our forces and wiped out the last of the computer’s stuff. End game in victory.

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