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Entry 0009

Wrote up some HTML, both for my site, and for Abuse.Plasmafire.Org. You won’t see the code up on APO, but it’s up on BB. PlasmaFire is still checking the code out, to try to make sense of it. He liked it a lot, but it was… messy, shall we say. I also unpacked Dreamweaver MX, but I prefer to manually code stuff. More challenging. PF provided me the link to a hex code generator, which is pretty cool, but sometimes doesn’t come out with the colour you created. It’s still a nifty web-tool.


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Entry 0008

Another StarCraft match, this time with my brother. We played against a computer, who we set as Terran. My brother was also Terran, and I tried out the Protoss. First thing I did was assign a worker for every mineral deposit. Then, I built a Gateway, so troops could pour out once I had enough resources. The next few minutes were spent building up a large attack force and six photon turrets. My base suffieciently defended, my troops upgraded, I set out with my brother, who had an attack force of ten marines and two firebats, whilst my own consisted of eight zealots and four dragoons. We set upon the enemy, and were surprised to find little defence. We barely had time to finish off the remaining troops when both my base and our combined assault forces were attacked. My photon turrets quickly annihilated the opposing troops, but our offensive front took a beating. Enemy siege tanks deployed and tore out troops to shreds.

Next, we built up another assault force apiece. Mine was upgraded further, whilst more cannons were built, and my brother filled his bunkers with troopers. This time, Pierce’s force was made up of eight marines, two firebats, and a pair of siege tanks. Mine was identical to the previous force. We attacked, succeeded in wiping out a fair amount of enemy troopers, one or two structures, and a few workers. Our forces were eventually destroyed, but not before killing a great deal of enemies.

After the second defeat, we revised our strategies. My brother provided two groups, one of ten marines and two firebats, and another with four tanks, four marines, and four firebats. I came up with eight zealots, six dragoons, and six scout fighters. We launched our forces, suffered many casualties, but emerged victorious. Their base destroyed, we mopped up the remaining troops, made a slaughter out of their workers, and ended the game in victory.

Game Scores:

Rye: 72 units killed, 28 lost. 2 structures razed, 0 lost.

Pierce: 47 units killed, 31 lost. 13 structures razed, 1 lost (a bunker).

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Entry 0007

Whew. Received my SW: GB expansion in the mail yesterday, and haven’t had much time to do anything else. I’ve logged seven hours of gametime in the past two days. It’s fun as hell.

Anyways, me Mum’s gone off to Winnipeg, and my Dad’s in charge. He’s responsible for the extended gametime, you see. 😉

It’s simple, really. We get up, eat, wash dishes, do a few chores, and proceed with our days. We go on bike rides, maintain our Labrador Retriever, eat pie and ice cream, and other fun father-sons stuff. My brother and I are enjoying our selves. We had to pump some air into the tires of our bikes, fasten a few bolts and scrape a bit of rust off, but our days haven’t included anything too strenous. Might change tomorrow. We have to pick some beans from our garden before they get too big.

Hell, I’ve stayed away from SW: GB too long. I’m in the mood for a pitched sea battle. Gonna go log another three hours. 🙂

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Entry 0006

Another StarCraft match! We played a custom map made by Brendan. It didn’t turn out well. He put too much room and too many resources, and the computer nearly owned us. The game lasted more than an hour, so a play-by-play will take forever. By the end, I racked up 365 kills, 71 troops lost, and the computer had lost 493 troops, while killing 117. Brendan killed 72 enemy troopers, and lost 41. Most of the fighting took place in my base.

By the end (for me) the computer had two small outposts remaining, and a section of land was completely covered in blood and debris. We could’ve taken him, if we had more time.

We also found out why SW: GB won’t connect the two of us. Not enough people played it, and the server became disaffected. They shut it down. So, I’m off, I’m joining some Brothers on a Habbo Raid.

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Entry 0005

Went to see a movie with the family today. Pirates of the Caribbean II. They shouldn’t have put in a cliffhanger. Hate those. 😛

Got all my Xfire buddies onto the sidebar. Also note the additional categories when it comes to the links. I’m generating traffic to four sites and a blog, and receiving traffic from two. Check out RELAy, a blog by PlasmaFire3000, (aka Kevin Lin) a friend of mine. RazorStudios.Org is a must-see if you’ve got some artistic talent or like to view some. We’re in need of new members, and it’s owner is kind enough to grant me a free subdomain for my website purposes. ❤ Electrolyte.

PlasmaFire.Org is also a great site. No, not just because the owner’s my mate. PFO is a community site for gamers who like to take an in-depth look at technology inside their games. I’ve published several articles there myself, and I gotta say, it will turn out to be a great site one day. I guess I’ve got some seniority over there, being a halfop in the official IRC channel.

BanBrigade.RazorStudios.Org is my subdomain. I have FTP access and everything. Right now it’s completely noob-quality HTML, but a friend of mine is putting together some CSS code that’ll make the site look good, perform good, and allow me to update news and archives as I do with this blog.

Speaking of Bassetts, (aka Jason Liquorish) he runs a web-hosting site. DejaHost.Com. It’s not expensive, and offers three different programs for service. He also offers site design, which provides CSS code like what he’s giving me. Except I’m getting my code free. ❤ Bassetts. Bass is making money at a steady rate, which is awesome considering he’s 16.

So go on. Check out those sites. They’re pretty dead right now, but you can help.

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